Women's March Black Lives matter Cozy Hats

Warm and Cozy fleece lined knit hat with cuff. Perfect for marching and GETTING LOUD. 

Neon Pink Fleece Lined Knit Hat

As this is a charity campaign with profits going to a good cause please, no returns.

When ordering hats for the Women's March, please be mindful of the 3-5 day processing time and the 2-5 USPS 1st class shipping time. We ship out of Florida and cannot guarantee exact USPS delivery date.

We are all marching to protect our rights, the rights of our sisters and brothers, and the causes that are so important to our country and the world. WHAT CAUSE ARE YOU MARCHING FOR?

Show off your commitment to RACIAL EQUALITY AND JUSTICE and all of the profits will go directly to BLACK LIVES MATTER.  "Started as a hastag, BLM is rooted in the experiences of black people in this country who actively resist dehumanization. #BlackLivesMatter is a call to action and a response to the virulent anti-Black racism that permeates our society. "

"Over the last eight years, since Barack Obama was elected, the right has developed new ways to repackage racism and authoritarianism. The Tea Party set the tone for what we are now seeing in Trump. At first this agenda seemed so ludicrous we perhaps did not see its viability for white people scared of globalization.  We must ensure our children can live in a country that values all human life. Black Lives Matter is about the sanctity of human life when scared and fearful people forget that life is sacred." (BLM 11/11/16)

Get Loud Industries is partnering with ChariTEES, a tee shirt printer with a purpose. For over 20 years ChariTEES has been working with non-profits, foundations, and socially conscious organizations to raise money through high quality custom printing and embroidery.