Women's March immigration rights Cozy Hats

Warm and Cozy fleece lined knit hat with cuff. Perfect for marching and GETTING LOUD.

Imm Cozy Hats-01.jpg

Neon Pink, Fleece Lined, Knit Hat -- $22.00 (Includes shipping!)

As this is a charity campaign with profits going to a good cause please, no returns.

When ordering hats for the Women's March, please be mindful of the 3-5 day processing time and the 2-5 USPS 1st class shipping time. We ship out of Florida and cannot guarantee exact USPS delivery date.


We are all marching to protect our rights, the rights of our sisters and brothers, and the causes that are so important to our country and the world. WHAT CAUSE ARE YOU MARCHING FOR? 

Show off your commitment to IMMIGRATION rights and all of the profits will go directly to National Network for Immigration and Refugee Rights. NNIRR works to defend and expand the rights of all immigrants and refugees, regardless of immigration status. Since its founding in 1986, the organization has drawn membership from diverse immigrant communities, and actively builds alliances with social and economic justice partners around the country. As part of a global movement for social and economic justice, NNIRR is committed to human rights as essential to securing healthy, safe and peaceful lives for all.

"Immigrants—and all of us—should be greatly concerned with a new era that is fast approaching. We absolutely need to reject the politics of fear and division sown in this past presidential campaign and work together for a promising and hopeful society, and for our role in an interconnected world." (Catherine Tactaquin, Executive Director, NNIRR, 11/13/16)

Get Loud Industries is partnering with ChariTEES, a tee shirt printer with a purpose. For over 20 years ChariTEES has been working with non-profits, foundations, and socially conscious organizations to raise money through high quality custom printing and embroidery.